BorderLAN in the News

BorderLAN can supply interviews and live broadcasts to radio and news outlets regarding cybersecurity.  Topics can range from cyber-attack trends, analysis, and recommendations.


Press releases

  1. Choosing the right AV solutions – West Des Moines – READ
  2. Complacency with AV is a new dangerous trend –  READ
  3. Firewall Managed Services – A must for small business – READ
  4. Dark web is the Amazon of hackers – READ



  1.  Securing Digital Assetts – (TALKSOUP) –  LISTEN  
  2. Get setup for remote work now – Corona Virus Feb 2020 (KOGO) –  LISTEN
  3. World Health Phishing Attacks  – (KCBQ) –  LISTEN
  4.  Business Owners liable for employee clicks (KOGO) – LISTEN



  1. Cyber Attacks increasing – (YOUTUBE) – WATCH 
  2. Email Phishing is the greatest threat (YOUTUBE) – WATCH 
  3. Train your employees for greater Cyber Defense (YOUTUBE) – WATCH 
  4. Why a BorderLAN managed service can help defend your company (YOUTUBE) – WATCH 

Talking Points

  • Customers or Media who wish to engage BorderLAN in events, interviews or programs, please contact us.

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